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What is a bandage?

A maternity bandage is an orthopedic product that promotes normal fetal care and prepares women for childbirth. There are also postpartum models.
The main advantage of bandages is that it facilitates the condition of the pregnant woman, helps to carry a healthy baby, and even affects the birth, as it provides the correct positioning of the fetus. After childbirth, this product helps the body to adapt more quickly to the changes and return it to its normal shape.

Do all pregnant women need a bandage without exception?

The orthopedic bandage is good to support a large abdomen with a weak tone in the abdominal muscles. It is worn to prevent stretch marks on the abdomen, prevent squeezing of the fetus. The bandage reduces the load from the spine and also helps to position the fetus correctly. The product reduces the risk of premature birth. The bandage also makes multiple pregnancies easier.

If my belly grows - will the same size bandage fit at the end of my pregnancy?

Yes, absolutely! Now we will explain why

The fact is that our bandage stretches and adjusts with special Velcro. You tighten it as much as you need.

One of the main conveniences is the ability to adjust the tension of each element. The bandage grows and changes with your tummy for the rest of your pregnancy! The adjustment allows you to increase or decrease the bandage in the range of 30cm.

30cm of girth, as we all know, is a large value. During pregnancy on the bottom of the abdomen does not change much in volume than in the center of the abdomen. And the bandage goes exactly along the bottom of the abdomen.

Do you ship worldwide & how much does shipping cost?

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Can I cancel my order after l've made a purchase?

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